"It was important for me to find a gym and a trainer who understands back injuries to help me manage my injury and improve my strength. Here they understand and meet the needs of the individual. They do this in a supportive and encouraging way. Everyone is super friendly and approachable. Plus it's fun. Who would have thought that I would enjoy and stay committed to the 6 am slot. " 


"I have been training at the Fit for Life studio now for over 12 months. Previously I would join a gym and then stop going after a few weeks. Fit for Life is a small studio that offers one on one Personal training which suits me more than going to the gym. My fitness and overall well being have improved dramatically. I actually enjoy working out! Toprak is a great trainer who is very experienced and makes our sessions challenging but fun, he also keeps me accountable. I would highly recommend Fit for Life.


"I have been a member of the Fit For Life gym for about a year now. I have been to quite a few gyms and I have experienced several Personal Trainers but without doubt, the approach taken by the trainers at Fit For Life has been the most successful for me. A surprising number of exercises are covered in each half-hour session and this has resulted in a comprehensive overall fitness. The trainers I see - Toprak and Gareth - are careful, attentive and respectful. They plan and collaborate together very well.  I really enjoy the welcoming, happy and convivial atmosphere and the strong sense of community they create in the gym. Toprak is also an excellent Pilates teacher. His classes are inspiring, at times intense and challenging but never overwhelming. I very much look forward to coming to each session." 


Tom C 

I have been training at FitforLife for many years now, their expert trainers have completely fixed my "Bung" shoulder & back! I tried everything before but nothing worked.. I'm now in the best shape of my life & we can focus on strength work for my snow skiing!

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